Math Recess is a call for disruption—a “do-over” in playground language—of the way we structure the teaching of mathematics. So much of mathematics is navigating relationships and deciding what really matters—skills honed in play…at recess. Learning is meant to be an experience, and this book is a reminder that math is a very human endeavor and we are all part of telling its story.  Return math class to the students, and let them play!”

Dee Crescitelli, EdD

Director of Kentucky Center of Mathematics

Math Recess burns the broken math education system to the ground and re-imagines it with sheer joy and playfulness. This book will revive your inner child, challenge you with messy math, and inspire you to lend your voice to the chorus of diverse thought needed to resuscitate math education. Double-knot your shoelaces and get ready for an epic recess!”

Berkeley Everett

K–5 math coach, facilitator for UCLA Math Project

“‘Ding dong! The witch is dead! Which old witch?’ 

“In Math Recess, Sunil Singh and Dr. Christopher S. Brownell drop a house upon the idea that Math is best done through solitary tedium. Both authors give us an alternative path to teach this beautiful subject… one that is full of joyful play. Equal parts ‘how to’ and EDU philosophy, this is a must-read for lovers and haters of math.”

Stepan Pruchnicky

Experiential learning lead, Toronto Catholic District School Board

Math Recess is a book that urges reader participation. As I found myself tinkering my way through the many math puzzles contained in the book, I was pleasantly reminded not only that math is a social activity, but that math allows us to find happiness. Math Recess is a treasure trove that needs to be read, and shared, by anyone who teaches math.”

Michael Jacobs, president

Ontario Math Coordinators Association

“To read Math Recess by Dr. Chris Brownell and Sunil Singh is to take a magical journey that transcends the typical boundaries of a book about mathematics.

Dr. Sue Looney, consultant

author of Ying and the Magic Turtle

“Math Recess: Playful Learning for an Age of Disruption will inspire you to rekindle genuine excitement and passion for mathematics. Sunil Singh and Dr. Christopher S. Brownell take readers on a journey to reimagine the spirit of math through relatable stories, research, and examples. Serving as a roadmap for transforming teaching and learning, this is a book you’ll reach for often as you disrupt the perception of mathematics by infusing play and sparking creative thought.

Elisabeth Bostwick, instructional coach

speaker, author of Take the L.E.A.P.

“Sunil and Chris take you on a wild ride through mathematics that will engage you in the same manner that mathematics should be instructed. Stereotypical barriers have been broken with their ideas so that you will never think of math the same way. Whether you are an educator, parent, mathematician, or just a free thinker, Math Recess will provide you with amazing practical and philosophical ideas.”

Dr. Matthew Beyranevand, author

creator of Math with Matthew

“Sunil Singh’s first book, Pi of Life, was an endearing love letter to mathematics. In his second book, Sunil Singh joins with Dr. Christopher S. Brownell to ask why we can’t all fall in love with the beauty of mathematics, and they ambitiously provide a roadmap of how to discover that love in Math Recess. 

Erica Heinzman, lecturer/supervisor

secondary education, University of California, San Diego

Math Recess beautifully encapsulates the gaps in current mathematics curriculum, and blesses teachers with the courage and confidence to go back to a blank slate and to redesign their mathematical teachings. The resources shared, with links and pictures, add to the pleasure and ease of reading this book. I absolutely loved this book from start to finish, and was saddened, as I was as a child, that recess is so short.”

Evelin Niemiec, math coach

Hamilton, Ontario

“This book shouts, “Let them play math!” An insightful journey into the human connection of playing and learning. With facts, humor, and heart, Sunil and Chris raise a battle cry for change. 

Sophia Stier

creator of LilMathGirl

“So freaking great! Math Recess provides a clear insight into the purpose of education as a human endeavor that should include joy and play, which culminates as socialization. Chris and Sunil’s storytelling and experiences breathe life into the learning of mathematics. As a math coach, I cannot wait to lead a book study around this book with all of my middle and high school teachers.

Cassie Sisemore, math coach

secondary mathematics, Visalia Unified School District

Math Recess spoke to three areas of my life:  math coach, administrator, and grandparent. We need to inspire our students and families to live in a math playground where every day there is learning that is not only relevant but fun!

Laurie Duerksen, teacher on special assignment

secondary curriculum, Valley Oak Middle School

This book is a lovingly curated unapologetic selection of heart-warming, hair-pulling, joy-eliciting mathematics and para-mathematical stories that asks us all to consider the most fundamental and transformative question for mathematics education, ‘What if we …?’

“This is a hopeful invitation to everyone, but especially those hurt by school mathematics, to come play—you are welcome, you belong. Grab a pencil, tablet, phone, some friends, and prepare to play hard! Have bandages handy—there will be scrapes and bruises. Pure funstration!”

Steve Khan, PhD, MEd, BSc, assistant professor

Elementary Education, University of Alberta

“Confusing? Yes. Action packed? Definitely. Riddled with plot twists? Absolutely. Mysterious? Totally. Hilarious? Positively. Romantic? Of course. Sad? At times. Terrifying? Actually, yes, quite! One of the most important educational works of the past decade? Easily. A blockbuster of a book, Math Recess dares us to finally get off of our mathematically oppressed couches, grab the remote, and fundamentally change the channel!”

Vanessa Vakharia, founder

the Math Guru; author, Math Hacks; rockstar (Goodnight, Sunrise)

“Sunil and Chris have given maths punks like myself nothing short of a call to arms! Math Recess is not only a fun read, it’s a veritable toy box for math classes of all ages. THIS is what maths class should look like! For those about to disrupt, we salute you!”

Michael Wilkinson, STEAM educator

curriculum designer, Fieldston Lower School, Bronx, New York

Math Recess gives educators PD recess in the form of a thoroughly satisfying book. I laughed, I cried, and I wrestled with my own understandings. All the things Singh and Brownell encourage us to do with students in the classroom, they have us doing in this book—from beginning to end!”

Christina Tondevold, recovering traditionalist

facilitator, Build Math Minds

Math Recess will be one of my go-to resources for presenting what doing math can look and feel like—challenging, fun and extremely rewarding. I would recommend the book to anyone who wants to experience the joy of math.”

Amrit Sharma, Connected Mathematics Project

Michigan State University

About Book

Mathematics is wonder-filled, awe-inspiring, joy inducing playground of the mind is the claim of this book. In stark contrast to most peoples experience with this subject Singh and Brownell paint a picture of a system of playing with ideas, relationships, numbers, and shapes that has fascinated humanity for literally 1000's of years.

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