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Chapter One: Just Play

–> Exploding Dots (specifically; also some great videos by James Tanton in this link)

–> NRich Maths explanation  

–> Video of how to play

Chapter Two: Scrapes and Bruises



Chapter Three: Grades Are For Onions
Chapter Four: Math Playground

“Chris and Sunil would like to Thank Heidi Allum for her Efforts to Bring all these Resources Together on One Page”.

Chapter Eight: The Rabbit Hole
Chapter Ten: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

About Book

Mathematics is wonder-filled, awe-inspiring, joy inducing playground of the mind is the claim of this book. In stark contrast to most peoples experience with this subject Singh and Brownell paint a picture of a system of playing with ideas, relationships, numbers, and shapes that has fascinated humanity for literally 1000's of years.